Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A long time

Its been ages since i wrote a blog post so thought I'd just say hello to those of you still about, hope you are all well.

Think not blogging is mainly to do with motivation than not having anything to write about as life has been hectic.

Weather as been good this summer seem to be spending lots of time either on the golf course playing badly or in the garden.

Been away three times so far this year (yes still got the travel bug), Barcelona, Slovenia and Kos plus a few good days out.
Got more trips planned having a few days in Scotland and also got a week in Madeira booked. Then later in the year over the pond to America.

Have been dating most of this year and its going well, we like a lot of the same things but not saying more at this stage.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone has a great festive season and a fantastic 2014

Friday, 6 December 2013


Was playing in a handicap doubles event at table tennis last night, its held in honour of a chap (Mike Hanley) who did lots of work for the game in this area and i knew him well. He sadly passed away with cancer about 5 years ago and we annually have this event to remember him.

Good turn out with 14 pairs of players competing from our small league, its played over the next 3 weeks with all playing all. Personally with my partner we broke even with two wins and two defeats but to be honest results really don't matter in events like this. Its more about having a good time and remembering an old friend.

Anyway in my first game of the night i went for a big shot, got my timing wrong and smashed my hand right on the corner of the table. My thumb took most of the impact leaving me with a nasty cut and a lot of swelling, its very difficult to grip anything this morning.

Yes "ouch" was close to the word i quoted at the time, it certainly hurt.

On another note its our Club christmas dinner tonight, looking forward to it think there is almost 30 of us going so should be a good atmosphere.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas should I bother ?

Last year I went to Spain for almost two weeks over the festive period (christmas and new year) so I didn't bother putting my tree up. Ok its only a fibre optic one i keep in the loft but usually get it down so its on show when visitors come.

Now this year I'm only off away (to Chester) for Christmas (3 days) but am here the rest of the holiday period so am trying to decide whether I should get my tree down so its on display.

I've noticed that some people have their christmas stuff up already, way too early in my opinion its over 3 weeks away yet i always reckon about a week before. Need to get witing my cards though so they ready to send, think that'll be this week.

Never mind soon be Easter.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

No Motivation no pressure

For as long as I care to remember I've played Pool in the local league on Monday nights, not the best player around but I've always done ok and if played more often like the serious players am sure would be up there with the top boys.
To be honest its always been a social thing, sort of an excuse to go out on a Monday but dont get me wrong i'm as competitive as anyone.
Anyway recently I feel that I'm not motivated to play think its due to a number of reasons maybe just done it too long but think its down to last season  when we were robbed of the league by the committee and it really narked me. Basically we finised level on points with our rivals but thought it won as we had lost less matches however a play off was ordered. On top of that our rivals during the season had 3 matches cancelled which clearly isn't allowed and they also didn't rearrange them within 21 days which is also in the rules, both offences should be points deductions.

Still I'm not going to let my team down so not saying I'm going to not turn up, just not as bothered.

But all that isn't the point of my post its the fact not been bothered can be an advantage, last night I played my singles in the individual knockouts was away from home on a strange table and really didn't care if I won or lost. That fact meant I played with no pressure and went for difficult shots when normally would play safe, it paid dividends and i cleared up both frames to record a 2-0 victory and move into the next round.
After it led me to thinking would I have won if I'd been motivated and not played with the same free spirit, suppose I'll never know.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Weight Loss & Fitness

As I stated yesterday I'm starting  new weight loss and fitness campaign as I've let things slip a bit this year.

I've also decided to start a new blog solely to report on my progress, I'll use this blog for other things that are happening.

You can use the link on the side bar to access my new weight loss and fitness blog, which can also be found here -

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Three Months

For a long time now I've not had the blog bug in fact its nearly 3 months since my last post but I know think its time to bo again.

So whats been happening during the last three months, what have you all missed ?

Well the highlight was probably my holiday to America, did a trip called "National Parks & Canyons, Mount Rushmore & Little Big Horn.

Obviously Mount Rushmore & LBH were two of the places we visited but many other fantastic sites along the way including Yellowstone (even saw a Grizzly), Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, etc to name but a few.
It was with a singles group, there was 28 of us and had a fantastic time despite a couple of major hiccups. Well the holiday was supposed to start in Denver, we were to fly via Atlanta, however not enough time was allowed between flights (thank you Delta) and 25 of us missed the connection, 8 were put on a later flight that night while the rest of us were put up in Atlanta.
As the tour were leaving Denver the following morning we arranged to be flown to Rapid City via a day in Minneapolis (lovely airport), however my luggage along with 5 others had been sent to Denver, luckily our comrades who caught the later flight took it off the carousel and reunited it with us in Rapid City.
That does raise a couple of security questions, first why was luggage allowed on a plane without the passener ? thought that was a total No with all airlines.
And why was somebody allowed to walk out of Denver airport with 6 suitcases that weren't their own ?

That was only the start, 2nd week coincided with the American Government spitting the dummy and shutting down meaning we couldn't visit some of the places planned. However our tour manager did a fantastic job in finding alternatives so credit due there.
Eventually we finished with two nights in Vegas.
Met some real nice people, sort of eight of us knocked around together and I'm sure we'll keep in touch.
You can see all my photos here -

 Actually one of the group came over to my area last Saturday and we had a nice day in York, walked part of the Walls, visited the Castle museum, had a nice pub lunch, etc. Was a good day with a very nice lady, hopfully wont be long before we meet up again.

Have been planning ahead a bit, am off away to Chester at Christmas just three nights but should be a bit of a laugh.

Have already booked a couple of holidays for next year, in May am off to Slovenia for a week,half the week in the mountains andthe other half at the coast, should be great.

Ok its a year away but i'm back to America next November on another tour, this time starting in Chicago and travelling to New Orleans via St Louis and Memphis, sort of following the Mississippi.

Still thats only the start of my travel plans, more to follow I'm sure.

Moving on its about time I started looking at weight loss again, so decided I'll weigh in tomorrow and make a new start. Although I'm feeling quite fit at present i've nt been on the scales for a long timeand know i've put weight back on (holidays dont help). So here we go again.

Many other things I could write about but that'll do for now, more tomorrow.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Its certainly big

Been spending a bit of time in the garden and can't believe how tall some of my Gladioli have grown, check this monster out 6'6" and still growing.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Been doing a few things in the garden but this time of the year you really have to keep on top. Here are a few photos of my garden taken today :-
1. A Yorkshireman must have white roses
2. Not all are White

3. A few plants alongside my drive, bit of a mix

4. My garden is mainly lawn and borders.

5. This is the bottom of my garden, was overgrown a year ago but getting in shape now

6. One of the new rose plants i put in this year, first to flower.

7. This is one thats been in awhile now, think I've gt about 18 now.